Customised screen printed labels

Customised screen printed labels are labels that are created using the screen printing process, where a design or logo is transferred onto a screen and then ink is pressed through the screen onto the label material. This method allows for precise and high-quality printing of intricate designs.

These labels can be fully customised to meet specific requirements, such as size, shape and design. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including branding, product labelling, promotional items, and more.

Customised screen printed labels offer several advantages, including durability, resistance to fading and scratching, and the ability to print on a variety of materials, such as paper, vinyl, fabric, and metal. They can also be produced in different colors and finishes, such as gloss, matte, or metallic.

Some common applications for customised screen printed labels include:

– Product packaging: Screen printed labels can enhance the visual appeal of product packaging and help to distinguish products from competitors.

– Clothing and textile labeling: Screen printed labels can be used to create custom tags for clothing, towels, bags, and other textile products.

– Decals and stickers: Screen printed labels can be used to create durable and vibrant decals and stickers for promotional purposes, branding, or product identification.

– Electronics and appliances: Screen printed labels can be used for branding and product information on electronic devices, appliances, and other durable goods.

– Industrial labeling: Screen printed labels can be used for equipment identification, safety warnings, and product information in industrial settings. Overall, customised screen printed labels provide a versatile and professional solution for businesses and individuals looking to create unique and eye-catching labels.

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